We love indie games

We play a wide range of video games and admire immersive multiplayer cooperative online games as much as the single player casual action game. That's why we develop indie games. We love them.

We develop random events

We design indie games around the central idea of random events occuring while you play. Randomly spawning enemies and items keep the game fresh and you never know what's happening next during each playthrough!

We build for Steam

We build our indie games for Steam and Windows distribution. Easy and fast setup, a trusted online shop and automated maintenance process and free updates! It could not be easier for you!


Scott in Space

Scott in Space is a stylizied action platformer about the epic adventure of a lone guinea pig in space. Prove your guinea pig platformer skills and defeat the evil Rhino Empire!

Cyborg Rage

Cyborg Rage is a multiplayer space shooter featuring cooperative online action. Work with your brave wingmen to destroy all hostile starships before they destroy you. Master the advantages of your ship and defeat your enemies!